Monitor Your Home or Office using the Webcam

MyI4U is a free webcam surveillance software that lets you monitor your home or office using just your webcam, or network cameras.
MyI4U comes with some very intelligent options to detect humans in webcam surveillance videos,
and provides you with very good options to review your home monitoring video of hours in just a few minutes.

Detect Humans in Surveillance Video

intelligent algorithms that can detect humans in recorded video.
MyI4U Video will show you only the sections of the video in which there was some human visible.
In this way, you can just review the sections that you are interested in.
MyI4u will also draws a Yellow rectangle around the humans in surveillance videos.


Get an Alert Whenever a Motion is Detected:
MyI4U comes with an interesting feature of Motion Sensing. It has sophisticated technology to detect motion.
You can configure it to send alert to you if it detects a motion.
Alert can be sent to email or your cell phone. MyI4U can also include pictures and videos in the alert.